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Cre8Global offers premium & unrivalled end to end solutions for hotel industry procurement.

A core differentiator for Cre8 is its ability to deliver full turn-key procurement across every category of OS&E and FF&E. This model provides an owner with the most cost effective and efficient way of meeting these category needs due to our buying scale and supply chain expertise. Our ability for multi category buying, staging and consolidation for shipping all brings the benefit of reduced logistics and labour costs when it comes to getting assets into your new hotel. This approach also minimises the failure costs of rework due to installation timing being wrong as your project manager (if not us) is only dealing with a single supplier.
Throughout Asia particularly, it isn’t unusual for a hotel operator to deal with upwards of 40 different suppliers to procure all the necessities for a functioning hotel. Cre8 has existing supplier relationships and the supply chain to consolidate many of the replenishment categories necessary outside of food and perishables. So your relationship with Cre8 doesn’t finish with the successful opening of your hotel, we can ensure a smooth supply chain for consumables and replacements exist right through to your next refurbishment and beyond.
Food Safety
Cre8 has exclusive technology to assist hotel operators with their food safety programme. Our system is an application driven platform providing F&B with temperature monitoring, stock rotation management and information aiding reporting to regulatory authorities for food safety. This leads to increased efficiency and productivity of F&B teams, less risk and higher governance standards. Initially developed for the fast food industry in Australia where food handling and safety is rigidly enforced by local government, the platform can also lead to lower plant operating costs and insurance claims due to the way sensors monitor refrigeration. The real time 24/7 monitoring through sensors linked to the software provide for early indication of adverse compressor operation where preventative maintenance can be scheduled prior to failure. Refrigeration plant failure with consequential food loss is a significant and common cost to industry operators, reflected in insurance premiums and claims.
Softwire Solutions
Our proprietary “Q- Conn” technology is an electrical plug and play softwire solution for Hotel, Hospital and Aged Care guestrooms with up to an 11pin specific user integration into joinery and FF&E.
Q-Conn is preinstalled at the point of manufacture and delivered with a simple but safe connection without the need for on-site electrical commissioning. The cost savings provided through the system is even further demonstrated on refurbishments and rooms with flexible configurations.
Providing independent hotel owners with a centralised management solution including the hiring and training of appropriate staff. Our senior operations team have come from global hotel brands with extensive experience running mid to 5 star sites and know what it takes to run efficient, profitable hotels.
It was a natural progression for the Cre8 Group to open a hotel asset management arm. Our executive team’s collective hospitality industry experience coupled with the amount of hotels around the world we are dealing with regularly highlighted for us the opportunity that existed to identify and secure assets that were underperforming and polish them into strong margin performers. As worldwide interest rates remain at record lows investors are hunting yields that are sustainable and asset backed. Cre8’s team of hospitality and finance professionals will discuss your investment strategy to understand whether our operations can support your goals. Cre8’s asset management arm focuses on properties in SE Asia and Australasia.
Cre8Global’s contracted alliance partner Cairncross Martin are a globally recognised expert in hotel development and refurb project management when it comes to full responsibility for FF&E and OS&E delivery. Cre8Global and Cairncross Martin designed the alliance to provide a solution to the industry where multiple touch points are the norm and inefficiency/failure costs can add % points to the project cost including opening delays. There is almost 30 years’ experience in managing hotel projects across the world, from mid to 6 stars. With our proprietary project management software developed and refined over the last decade, we can ensure both accuracy and transparency to the very last item needed in the hotel. There are very few surprises left for our team of industry veteran’s when it comes to delivering a hotel operation ready for business.

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We are Hoteliers for Hoteliers.
Our team has extensive experience in the hotel industry and partnering with Cre8Global ensures your hotel development, refurbishment, and hotel asset management expectations are met.